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Ian Callum, Director of Design at Jaguar Cars on the Romance of Scent

"Unfortunately leather is so heavily treated now. The smell is almost artificial and the real smell gone and it does get applied afterwards, sad as it may seem, but we tend to cover the natural smell. The original smell of Connolly leather. What is it? Why do we love it? Is it nostalgia? Is it something we remember?

I mean, I love the smell of Castrol GTX, you know. I just get high on it. But what is it? It brings you back to that wonderful time of youth when you went to your first motor race and you can smell the stuff. I'm sure it's not really a very nice smell, but for me it's just the most wonderful smell because it conjures up memories of innocence and aspiration and dreams.

And you know when you smell the cut grass and that's why I love convertibles because there's nowhere in the world you can get a sense of the environment than when you're in a convertible. You go in a convertible on a spring day and somebody's cutting the grass, the suns out. Summer has arrived. Wonderful."

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