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Ian Callum, Director of Design at Jaguar Cars on Design as Metaphor

"What I want to do is express something, which is emotionally exciting. That's the first thing. And the easiest way to do that is express in a way that people look at it and understand it."

"You're metaphorically telling a story of excitement or simplicity or strength or beauty. They all tell a story. They all portray something to different individuals. Sometimes, the same objective car can portray a slightly different story to individuals based on that experience. But to me, I'm trying to put over a sense of feeling about a vehicle, which itself tells a story. And my story is usually one of simplicity or strength. I like to look for lines in cars that people understand. They look at it. They don’t have to question it. They don’t have to explain to them that's what beauty is. Instead, it comes out of the fact of the very proportions and stance for the car. Confidence."

"So, yeah, I'm excited to portray something, which itself relates to words in other people's minds if you have to explain. If you have to describe as something - when they advertise they say sleek or strong. It looks tough. It looks beautiful. All these words come out of people's mouths.Inanimate object at the end of the day. So you know, I think that some of the more emotionally ones are probably very much how people feel about it rather than what they just see."

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