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The Prodigy was envisioned as Ford’s concept for the US government program called the “Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles” program. lightweight materials developed in partnership with outside labs and universities all reinforced the vision of bringing extremely fuel-efficient (up to 80 mpg) vehicles to market.


The Equator was envisioned as an extreme expression of Ford’s “Built Ford Tough” truck heritage. Functional application of Kevlar panels and custom tires that were color keyed and developed in partnership with Firestone in Akron, OH all reinforced the go anywhere attitude of this concept vehicle.

The Th!nk Closed-Community Vehicle (CCV) was an all-electric vehicle concept that would serve as a stepping stone to a future Ford electric car.

Responsible for advanced exterior and interior and color & material proposals in Dearborn, MI and for use in Irvine, CA studios.

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