Chef Alex Stupak on Creation and Perception

"I’m trying to get a cuisine to be perceived the same way that other ethnic cuisines in New York City have been successful at being perceived. Whereas like when with go out to eat French food or when we go out to eat Italian food, we don’t even think of those as ethnic food, do we? But there’s certain socioeconomic issues. Forget about the cost of a plane ticket or where you’re situated in the world, us as Americans tend to think that a European vacation is worth a lot more than a Mexican vacation, now don’t we? And that ties directly to the fact that when people go out to eat food, they think that French food or Italian food is worth more than Mexican. So we could go out to eat at a Frenc

The Art of Choosing by Sheena Iyengar

(Excerpted from Sheena Iyengar) Americans tend to believe that they’ve reached some sort of pinnacle in the way they practice choice. They think that choice, as seen through the American lens best fulfills an innate and universal desire for choice in all humans. Unfortunately, these beliefs are based on assumptions that don’t always hold true... I hope you’ll start thinking about some of your own assumptions and how they were shaped by your backgrounds. First assumption: If a choice affects you, then you should be the one to make it. This is the only way to ensure that your preferences and interests will be most fully accounted for. It is essential for success. In America, the primary lo

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